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I’m honored…

The amazingly talented women over at Shutter Sisters chose one of my photos to be featured in “One Sweet Shot” for October. The group of women who run the site…along with all of the readers are a daily inspiration to me and I really can’t begin to tell you how thrilled I am about this…go on over and see what they said about me. **blush** **blush**

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Breakin’ the rules

There was a lovely post over at Shutter Sisters today about breaking the rules of photography. Since I am new to photography I’m still not sure I can even comprehend the statement “there are a lot of things technically wrong with this shot” – what does that mean??? Really, I’m serious, what does it mean? In fact the other day I checked out a bunch of books at the library about photography and while browsing through them thought to myself…”Do I really want to know all this? Do I want to have this knowledge in my head when I am out playing with my camera? Can I live up to all of these rules about what makes a good shot?” What I know is that I want to be able to use my camera in whatever why I decide. But I don’t want to have any moments of “well, blah blah blah person thinks that this particular random thing is distracting so I guess little old me shouldn’t try it out.”

As a parent I struggle with this concept often. Coen will be happily playing with his paints and decide he needs the whole can of red paint in his picture. As much as I can I try not to direct him in any way when we are doing things, as long as it won’t lead to any major bodily harm. When I let him play with my camera the other day I admit I said (a few times) “Hey, point it at my face!” but one of the coolest shots he took was of my shoulder, no face included. The great (and often frustrating) thing about two year olds is that they don’t know the rules. Now this is not to say that we don’t have rules for Coen…he picks up his toys after he’s done playing, we don’t have ice cream for breakfast, etc. but when it comes to exploring the world we pretty much let him at it.

Strangely enough, our son, who comes from parents who thrive on creativity, is a stickler for rules. He has been known to lay down the law for those unsuspecting strangers who don’t know the particuler rule that they are breaking and never fails to look over at us like “Mom! Dad! That’s not the way you’re supposed to do it!” as if we are the disciplinarians of the world population.

So here’s to breaking some rules this week. This is a shot I took today…I’m sure there is some rule breaking in there somewhere (but really it just an excuse to post a cute shot of my kid playing drums at Guitar Center.)

Little Drummer Boy



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