When I was living in Spain I taught an English conversation course for some University students. One day we were talking about misconceptions of what it is like to live in the US, mostly they asked about things they saw in movies…do homes really have carpet everywhere, eeeww gross how do you keep it clean? And the funniest thing to me…are lawns real. The students were completely shocked by my answer…yes, most homes in America are built with a nice patch of lawn. They were absolutely convinced that this couldn’t possibly be real.

Now we have, at last, joined the masses. Lawns aren’t the greatest thing for the enviroment, actually they are pretty wasteful. But I…am…in…love. For the first 2 years of Coen’s life he actually couldn’t even walk on grass, it totally freaked him out. He was used to our front yard of gravel. Now each time he goes outside he sings to the baby leaf blades “Grow grass! Grow!” Daddy told him when it was all grown in that he could run around with his shoes off…this is heaven for a two year old.

It’s still a little bit patchy and we will probably have to mend some spots in a few weeks, but for now we are just enjoying the view.

  1. #1 by Jonni on September 14, 2008 - 11:43 am

    That is so neat about you teaching English in Spain. I keep finding our more interesting things about you.

    The grass is lovely and I can totally relate to Coen’s aversion with grass. Sofia only recently let me put her on it.


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